Capital Development

one of the possible scenarios from the architectural study

At the General Assembly last fall, the parish voted to authorize the first phase of an architectural planning study for development of our church property.  Parish Council has received the report of phase 1 of this study.  Our next information session to share the results of this study will be Feb 16 after the Divine Liturgy.   The study shows several possible scenarios:

Scheme A - renovation of the parish house to bring up to code plus some landscaping improvements

Scheme B - new church building and conversion of the existing church into a fellowship hall

Scheme C - new church building and a new fellowship hall

Scheme D - purchase an existing church and fellowship hall in the Clear Lake area

Scheme E - renovation of the parish house & renovation of the existing church plus development of a festival park

Scheme F - new church building and new fellowship hall plus development of a festival park

All parishoners of St. John’s are invited to attend. 

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Chris Wood, President
2019 Parish Council