Stewardship: Faith With Philotimo

To be stewards of the Gospel, we need to be stewards of our parish.
We need to strive to live our “Faith With Philotimo”

 Stewardship helps defray the costs of keeping our doors open, thus spreading the word of Christian Orthodoxy throughout the Bay Area. 

As you fill out your Stewardship pledge cards for 2020 first consider helping your church with your Time and Talents. Consider giving your Time for 2020, there are many ministries needing your help. Talk to Fr. Florin and/or parish council.

To be a voting member, a stewardship card must be filled out every year. Please support our parish by filling out a Stewardship card.

Contact Stewardship chair Demetrios Mourtakos for more information.

DOWNLOAD the 2020 Stewardship card or FILL OUT the form online. 

You can either donate by Credit Card OR Paypal account.  Your donations are tax deductable.