Parish Council

With the spiritual leadership and guidance of Father Florin, the Parish Council implements and administers the programs, policies and affairs of the parish. The Council consists of Father Florin, as spiritual leader and 9 members, in good standing, elected by the parish stewards.

Parish Council members along with Fr. Florin are engaged in the parish's day to day functioning. Among their duties are to oversee: property maintenance, financial management, long range planning, educational programs and fellowship activities of the parish. Most of this work is done at the committee level.

The Parish Council also convenes meetings of the Parish Assembly to which all stewards are called to attend.

Please remember, when making a nomination and/or running for Parish Council, the importance of the by-laws and responsibilities of a Parish Council member.  A Parish Council member will need to attend Church and work in the Narthex, attend meetings, help out on events sponsored by the Parish Council, and abide to the Parish By-laws and the Uniform Parish Regulations.  To be a good council member requires a lot of time, work, enthusiasm, and interest.

If you would like to have your name placed in nomination and meet the criteria for service, please contact the Priest or Parish Council President for more information.

2024 Parish Council are as follows


Angelo Symeonidis - President

Jerry Marvel III - Vice President

Bill Gazis - Treasurer

Angela Loveless - Secretary



Angela Loveless- (term 2023 - 2025)

Thalia Savvidis - (term 2023 - 2025)

Dionisia Koumbias- (term 2023 - 2025)

Bill Gazis - (term 2022-2024)

Deena Metxas - (term 2022 - 2024)

Chryse Padilla - (term 2022 - 2024)

Angelo Symeonidis - (term 2024-2026)

Jerry Marvel III - (term 2024 - 2026)

Maria Saphos  - (term 2021 - 2023)



Parish Vital Statistics