Introduction to Orthodoxy

 The course is broken into 8 weekly sessions of approximately 2 hours each. These seminars will take place in the parish home or Sunday school rooms and of a time dependent on the number of catechumens and availability. The seminars are open to catechumens and anyone who wishes to learn more about the Holy Orthodox Church.

Session 1: Introductions-Why are you here? Life as an Orthodox Christian

Session 2:  Topics - The Creed; The Holy Trinity; The Bible; Salvation 

Session 3: Topics - The Church Building; The Sacraments; Daily Prayers

Session 4: Topics - The Church Year; The Divine Liturgy; Introduction to Church History

Session 5: Topics - Church History (The early church); The Ecumenical Councils; The Great Schism; The Crusades

Session 6: Topics - Developments in East and West; Orthodoxy in America; Persecution in the Modern Church

Session 7: Topics - Spirituality; The Beatitudes; The Great Virtue of Love; Prayer, Fasting & Almsgiving

Session 8: Topics - Sexuality; Marriage and Family; Sickness, Suffering & Death; The Kingdom of Heaven; Holy Week

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